Estonia Test

  • Gorbachev in Estonia (1987)

    Gorbachev in Estonia. Visiting the Tallinn Politechnical Institute, the May 9 Kolkhoz, and speaking at the Tenth Congress of the Estonian Komsomol. He conducts conversations with students, workers, kolkhozniks.
  • The capital of Soviet Estonia is freed!

    Front page of Izvestiya, Saturday, September 23, 1944. This article describes the Red Army's taking of Tallinn.
  • Baltic Resources

    Spreadsheet of additional Baltic resources, including digital resources organized by republic, a collection of videos, and Baltic organizations in the US.
  • Helsinki-86 Commemoration to 1941 Deportations

    Photo of Helsinki-86 members laying flowers at the base of Riga's Freedom Monument in commemoration of the June 14 1941 deportations.
  • Estonian Forest Brothers Relaxing

    Estonian forest brothers relaxing and cleaning their guns after a shooting exercise in Veskiaru, Järva County, Estonia, 1953. At front is Ülo Altermann 1923-1954 and behind him is Erich Teor 1924-1954, Voldemar Juga 1928-1953 and Elmar Martins 1929-1954. Description by Julius Jääskeläinen on Wikimedia. Photo colorized by Julius Jääskeläinen.